Opening Remarks

Parallel sessions
Theme 2 / Equity, Social Justice and the Commons

2.6. The Social Distribution of Positive and Negative Externalities (Room 9EG)
2.7. Conflicts and Appropriation of Natural Resources (Room 9F)
2.8. Special Session: Agriculture, Nature and Communities (2): An institutional Analysis of Agri-environmental Programs in Eastern Canada (Room 3.435)
2.9. Special Session: Academics as Activists? Scientists’ and the Academy’s Role in Social Transformation (Room 3.445)
2.10. Special Session: From Environmental Law to Ecological Law (Room 3.285)
Flash Presentations (Room 2.445)

Parallel sessions
Theme 2 / Equity, Social Justice and the Commons

2.1. Intégrer le bien commun à la gestion des ressources (Room 9EG)
2.2. A Transgenerational Perspective on the Commons (Room 9F)
2.3. Contemporary Environmental Justice (Room 2.445)
2.4. Special Session: Agriculture Nature and Communities(1) Managing Ecological and Economic Complexity (Room 3.435)
2.5. Special Session: Introduction to ecological economics. Part 2: Human Subsystem (Room 3.445)

Parallel sessions
Theme 1 / Biophysical Limits

1.1. Matter and Energy Flows (Room 9EG)
1.2. Water Resource Management (Room 9F)
1.3. Planetary Boundaries and Environmental Thresholds (Room 2.445)
1.4. Special Session: An introduction to Ecological Economics. Part 1: Biophysical Limits (Room 3.435)
A Reflection on Growth (Room 3.445)