Lunch & Keynote Presentation
Theme 4 / Finance, Markets and Ecological Macroeconomics

Parallel Sessions
Theme 3 / Alternative Movements and Discourses

3.6. Drivers for an Economic Transition (Room 2.430)
3.7. Session Spéciale : Quel est l'avenir de la foresterie communautaire au Canada? réflexions sur les modèles de gestion des ressources collectives (Room, 2.435)
3.8. Ecological Economics Rhetoric (Room 2.445)
3.9. Comptes des ecosystèmes et services écosystémiques (Room 3.430)
3.10. Rethinking Currencies and Development (Room 3.435)

Parallel sessions
Theme 2 / Equity, Social Justice and the Commons

2.6. The Social Distribution of Positive and Negative Externalities (Room 9EG)
2.7. Conflicts and Appropriation of Natural Resources (Room 9F)
2.8. Special Session: Agriculture, Nature and Communities (2): An institutional Analysis of Agri-environmental Programs in Eastern Canada (Room 3.435)
2.9. Special Session: Academics as Activists? Scientists’ and the Academy’s Role in Social Transformation (Room 3.445)
2.10. Special Session: From Environmental Law to Ecological Law (Room 3.285)
Flash Presentations (Room 2.445)

Parallel sessions
Theme 2 / Equity, Social Justice and the Commons

2.1. Intégrer le bien commun à la gestion des ressources (Room 9EG)
2.2. A Transgenerational Perspective on the Commons (Room 9F)
2.3. Contemporary Environmental Justice (Room 2.445)
2.4. Special Session: Agriculture Nature and Communities(1) Managing Ecological and Economic Complexity (Room 3.435)
2.5. Special Session: Introduction to ecological economics. Part 2: Human Subsystem (Room 3.445)

Parallel sessions
Theme 1 / Biophysical Limits

1.1. Matter and Energy Flows (Room 9EG)
1.2. Water Resource Management (Room 9F)
1.3. Planetary Boundaries and Environmental Thresholds (Room 2.445)
1.4. Special Session: An introduction to Ecological Economics. Part 1: Biophysical Limits (Room 3.435)
A Reflection on Growth (Room 3.445)